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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Last year’s hybrid race raised over $180,000 with 2,000 participants and donors!


Our Mission and Vision 


The first nine Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma 5K events were organized in cooperation with the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA). Our goal was to raise both awareness and resources for sarcoma research through the SFA and the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center’s Sarcoma Research Fund. In 2019, Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma filed for an independent 501c3 status with the IRS. Our goal remains the same – to raise both awareness and resources for sarcoma research locally and throughout the sarcoma community.


Your  funds  at work for 

2020 and beyond

  • University of Pittsburgh 55% 55%
  • Hillman Cancer Center 11% 11%
  • Emergency Funds 33% 33%

Before 2020

Funds raised prior to 2020 went to the Sarcoma Foundation of America to support sarcoma research nationally and locally. Fifty percent of the net proceeds supported the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Sarcoma Research Fund through a restricted sarcoma research grant. The other fifty percent of net proceeds were delegated to sarcoma research grants throughout the country, at the discretion of the SFA. In total, Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma races funded ten $50,000 sarcoma research grants through the SFA.

2020 and Beyond

From funds raised in 2020, $50,000 went to support the University of Pittsburgh sarcoma tumor registry and tissue bank.  Another $10,000 purchased a new ultra low temp freezer for the Hillman Cancer Center.  We also set aside $30,000 in emergency funds to support six wet labs across the University of Pittsburgh, Children’s Hospital, Allegheny Health Network and West Virginia University Medicine.

Please join us to help ensure that our progress to support sarcoma research continues.

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